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I remember the first time that I heard somebody speaking a foreign language (it was my father, at work): I was just a toddler, but I was fascinated by the fact that I could not understand a single word. Suddenly, I became aware of the existence of other worlds, wherein languages are their access keys. 

Understanding those other worlds (or at least a few of them) has become my passion, while my profession is to try to connect them. As a translator, my mission is to convey messages and link meanings in order to break the language barriers that prevent effective communication. My mission is to connect wor(l)ds.

I decided to match my linguistic skills to an industry that truly goes beyond borders: technology. The words that I use to connect worlds can often be found in mobile apps, on a computer screen, and within the pages of a technical manual.

If you are aiming at winning your customers' heart (or their devices), then find out how I can help you.






I turned my passion into a real job based on proper education and specialization and attested by professional memberships. Here are a few more details about me:

  • I graduated with honors in Translation and Interpreting at the University of Salento in 2004, and then I took a PGDip in Localization at the Agenzia Formativa tuttoEuropa in 2005.
  • I traveled to Japan and completed internships in Milan and New York.
  • I am a qualified member of AITI, the Italian Association of Translators and Interpreters.
  • I am Mentorship Manager of the Italian chapter of Women in Localization (WL).
  • I am an enthusiastic LocLunch Ambassador.
  • I lectured on technical translation at the University of Salento.
  • I dream of setting foot on each continent. There are still two left.


AITI qualified member since 2008 #208054






  Sara Pisano

  Translator and Localizer

  L.4/13 G.U.26.01.13 

  AITI Qualified Member #208054

  VAT ID 02594360733




  • § Translation, localization, adaptation
  • § Editing, quality assurance
  • § Linguistic consulting


  • § Italian
  • § English
  • § Japanese



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