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  • 2018: "A language jungle. Thoughts on the Italian language" by Vera Gheno for AITI
  • 2017: Conference "La giornata del traduttore" by STL Formazione and Scuola EST
  • 2016: online course "Introduction to Personal Branding" by the University of Virginia/Coursera
  • 2016: webinar series "Translating Japanese Contracts" by eCPD Webinars
  • 2016: "Accounting, contribution and tax issues in the profession of translation and interpreting" by Giuseppe Bonavia for AITI
  • 2016: Conference "La giornata del traduttore" by STL Formazione and Scuola EST, Pisa
  • 2013: online course "Translating children literature" by Langue et Parole (
  • 2013: "Seminar on transcreation" by Claudia Benetello for AITI
  • 2013: "Seminar on computer maintenance" by Riccardo Olivi for AITI
  • 2011: International Conference, Rome
  • 2010: "Professional translators at the service of citizens, economy and institutions", AITI 60th anniversary
  • 2010: "Seminar on Audiovisual Translation" by Bruno Gazzetto for AITI
  • 2008: "International AITI Conference: The Profession of Translation and Interpreting: Ethics, Quality and Constant Training", Bologna
  • 2007: "Ass.I.Term Conference on Terminology", Università degli Studi di Bologna
  • 2006: "International Conference on Videogames Localization" by Gruppo L10n
  • 2005: Seminar on DejaVu by Michael Farrell






  Sara Pisano

  Translator and Localizer

  L.4/13 G.U.26.01.13 

  AITI Qualified Member #208054

  VAT ID 02594360733




  • § Translation, localization, adaptation
  • § Editing, quality assurance
  • § Linguistic consulting


  • § Italian
  • § English
  • § Japanese



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